Pickle Night 15th Oct - Tickets selling very fast



Ladies and Gents, we are looking once more at a Pickle Day instead of the annual Trafalgar Night Ball, mainly because hotels cannot commit, however we think we have got the 'mix' right in as much as we will be holding this in the Red Lion Pub, Doha.  Those that know, this is a British pub so what better place to hold it.  Numbers will be set to a maximum of 150 with tickets flying out of the door already (over 50% sold).  To guarantee a place payments required 'up front' with this you will get a traditional 1800's sailors straw boater with authentic HMS Pickle cap tally

                                                        Straw boater included on a 1st come 1st served basis

The dress code will be that worn in 1805 (please see the illustration below), if you would like the kit this can be purchased through Military Party Planners in the UK (click on their banner below) at a reasonable price.  Please note that a Matelot's straw hat worn in the 1800's with authentic HMS Pickle cap tally is included in the price of the ticket.  Locally striped tops are available in H&M and also Zara, H&M having cheap white trousers/jeans all for around QR150.


The RNA will have full use of the pub (invited guests only) until 1900hrs, after this it will be a paid bar.  There is more on the history of HMS Pickle and Pickle night if you scroll down.  See you there ya scurvy lot



 Only QR 495 with alcohol, QR150 without

6 hour package (WoW) 1300 to 1900hrs consists of:


Traditional English scran/fayre.  TBC

                                                                                      HMS Pickle and Pickle Night


HMS Pickle was a topsail schooner of the Royal Navy. She was originally a civilian vessel named Sting, of six guns, that Lord Hugh Seymour purchased to use as a tender on the Jamaica station.

During the Battle of Trafalgar (21 October 1805), Pickle and the other small vessels kept well back from the fighting, as a single broadside from a ship of the line would have sunk her instantly.  Pickle herself was stationed to the north-west of the weather line, where Nelson was leading HMS Victory into battle.

Pickle was the first ship to bring the news of Nelson's victory to Great Britain, arriving at Falmouth on 4 November 1805, after a hard voyage in bad weather.  Vice Admiral Collingwood, who had assumed command after the death of Nelson, chose her to carry his dispatches describing the battle and announcing Nelson's death.  Collingwood sent Pickle, captained by John Richards Lapenotière, back to Britain with the dispatches telling of the great victory.  This was a signal honour for any junior officer as it almost guaranteed promotion. After arriving in Falmouth, Lapenotière took a chaise to London to deliver the dispatches to the Admiralty, stopping 21 times to change horses. The Admiralty duly promoted him to Commander for this service, and the Committee of the Lloyd's Patriotic Fund gave him a sword worth 100 guineas and £500 in cash.

Pickle Night commemorates the arrival of the news of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar and his death.

In 1974, the Royal Naval Barracks in Portsmouth, known as Victory Barracks, became HMS Nelson.  The renaming was anything but smooth because personal approval had to be sought from the Queen, as her great grandfather Edward VII had decreed that the new Barracks at Portsmouth was to be known as Victory Barracks.

The name change took place in June 1974, on the anniversary of the Battle of the Nile.  To commemorate the event, the Mess President of the Warrant Officers and Chief Petty Officers Mess (Petty Officers were separate then) sought approval for them to celebrate Trafalgar Night in the same way as the Wardroom.

It was deemed that there could be difficulties with the senior Mess and Wardroom celebrating at the same time so the Cdr suggested that they should instead celebrate the arrival of the news in this country in HMS Pickle.

                      HMS Pickle enroute to Falmouth

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Drinks:  House bottled beer, red and white wine plus cocktails

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