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Please note that once goods have been paid for and received they cannot be exchanged by the merchandise rep. The only item purchased so far locally are the polo shirts where a minimum number is required by the supplier.  Other items are purchased from HQ in Portsmouth so please bear with us with regards timescales.  To place an order click on the photo that will take you to a link to my email address.
This page is under construction, when more items become available they will be added.

RNA Qatar Polo Shirts
100% cotton with wicking.  This polo is for illustraion purposes only.  The RNA logo has Royal Naval Association across the top of the logo and Qatar below.  The Union Flag is paired with the Qatari flag.  For sizing speak to Andy.  Avoid those fines by being out of the rig of the day!!!!
Price is TBC from the current supplier
RNA brooches
Limited number available - 2.5 cm high
The one's that are available have a blue scroll which indicate a Full Member.  Further orders will be placed for Associates etc when we have an order which is worth putting in as they come from HQ in the UK 


Price to be confirmed

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