Welcome to our website.  Firstly the bad news.....The RNA's annual Trafalgar Night Ball will not take place once more due to the current situation surrounding COVID 19, we simply cannot accommodate the numbers who usually attend, the good news however is that we will be holding a Pickle Day on Friday 15th October at the Red Lion Pub, Doha.  For those unsure of what a Pickle Night is there is further information on the page, please click on the tab above. 

Monthly meetings meetings continue at choice venues who look after the RNA, the odd brunch and other socials also in the planning.


RNA Qatar is now well into its 7th year, a lot of changes having taken place as companies cut back, and with that we see a number of members leaving going to pastures new, equally we have a new members joining.  It is free to join as long as you are willing to abide by our code of conduct.  Please contact the Secretary via the Organogram page (email)l Association alternatively send an email to, you don't have to be former serving members, most in our Branch aren't, and have found the 'banter' refreshing.

Events such as St George's and Trafalgar Night (photo's in the Gallery section) have always been a great success, receiving good feedback from those that attended, again we strive to make improvements each time. Other smaller events took place such as 'Messdeck Horse Racing'  a 'Quiz Night', organised 'Brunches' and of course our AGM along with our monthly meetings, these being held at select establishments throughout Doha (exciting developments ahead in this department).


Our main objective here in Doha is to support HM Ships companies that come in to port from time to time, they spend long periods away from home and simply putting on a BBQ, organising trips and a welcome refreshment or two boost moral.  We have a good social circle with benefits from some of our partners and sponsor


Thank you for visiting our website. Please revisit our site from time to time as we improve it as the Branch grows.

Yours Aye

Mark Bailey

Chairman, RNA Qatar


The Royal Naval Association Qatar (Doha) was recommissioned in March 2015 following the previous branches closure some years earlier.  We are a bunch of like-minded people comprising ex Royal Navy, Royal Marines, QARNNS, WRN's, RN Reservists and other ex Military personnel including others who just want to support the branch and RNA as a whole.  We meet on a monthly basis at various favourable locations holding both formal and informal functions.  Our last large scale event was a Trafalgar Night Ball held at The Grand Hyatt Hotel (Doha) where 561 persons attended, more is planned for 2016.  Should anyone want any further information, or if you wish to join us then please email us via the 'contact us' page


RNA HQ is based in Semaphore Tower, Portsmouth Dockyard, just a broadside away from Admiral Nelson's HMS Victory.  The Association has over 20,000 members across 370 branches in the UK and overseas. Whether we are catching up with friends at our regular social events or advising on welfar matters, our natural willingness to help others stems from the tradition and camaraderie that only Naval Service life can instil. Everything we do is inextricably linked to our core values:



Shared backgrounds and equality in rank. We share the same bonds, the same mindset, and even the same language (Jackspeak!). We are all equal. We are the heart and soul of the RNA.



To each other and our dependants. We will always support and look out for each other. Our loyalty is to all our shipmates, our local communities, the personnel and dependants of the Naval Service, along with other organisations with Naval connections.



We are proud to serve and proud to represent our country and the Naval Service. Our pride in serving our country never leaves us. Nor do we forget those who have fallen for our country or who fight now. We are deeply honoured to represent them on both a National and International level.



Friends in fun, fellowship and need. Your shipmates will always be here for you, whether it's about a job, ideas for a fun day out or just an arm around the shoulder. We will never leave you or your dependants in despair.